mozi | All about mozi

Find out about mozi, what it can do and why you should choose it

what is mozi?

mozi lets people make, store, watch and measure video at work.

It's easy to start using straightaway and you'll get an expert team behind you who'll help you make mozi work for your department, or entire business. And as your business changes, mozi will change with it.

Lots of companies have video content, however no-one can seem to find it or see it.

Mozi is a video platform designed and built for businesses. We know that video is the most effective way to engage and collaborate with your people.

what does mozi do?


Mozi attracts users to the channel by informing them that great content has just been uploaded.


Mozi lets you create and upload video content from a number of sources, for example iPhones, Webcams and HD Cameras.


People can watch videos on any device, anywhere in the world.


Browse, search and share all the video that your company has uploaded.


Organize your videos in a way that suits your business so that the right messages reach the right audiences.


See what's working and what's not, so that you can make more effective video.


Control who uses Mozi & choose who you want to watch certain videos. Our secure, scalable cloud also backs up all your content.


Integrate video into your intranet or with 3rd party software like: Yammer, Lync and SharePoint.

why should you buy mozi?

You've probably got loads of great content that no-one can currently see

Increase the reach and visibility of your videos across your organisation.

Videos are hard to find as they are probably stored on USBs, DVDs and Hard Drives that no-one can access

People can easily find all videos if they are stored in a single central repository

Videos need to be manually formatted so that they can be played on different devices and network connections

View video on all of your devices with automatic transcoding and adaptive bitrate

How can you restrict who can see your videos?

Authenticate who can access your content using your existing accounts

How do you measure the success of your video content, who's watched what, when and where, so that you can learn about your audience?

Measure your success - tailored analytics by department and user

What other systems do you current have that could also benefit from video capability?

Connect with your existing platforms, like your learning management systems.

How do you make a video service fit for purpose for both your people and your business?

Mozi has a dedicated team that will make it work for your business